Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I hope all the folks I know in the States are having a fun holiday with sparklers and fireworks and barbecue and all that great summer stuff! A great big chunk of my family lives (or lived, bless their souls: Wanda and Lucille on Long Island, and my great grandmother who I never met, in Indianapolis) south of the border, and I'd dearly love to see everybody all together in one place again someday - at a happy event, preferably. Last time I saw most of them was at my wedding in Bracebridge almost six years ago, and then a month later at my brother's wedding in PEI.

So happy 4th of July to Kim in Illinois, Wendy soon-to-be in Pennsylvania, Mary and Terry in Texas; David, Michelle and Gregory in Arizona; Sheila and Dick in Michigan; Paul, PT & kids and Pam and Tony in Colorado. And to all the folks I talk to at work who lord love them better never read this blog, and my favourite American bloggers, Mary at The Eleventh, Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy, Judy at Just Enjoy Him, QC at the QC Report, and An Elephant's Gestation formerly of Countless Teaming Stars/Round is Funny.

On Canada Day, I was celebrating too - we came home from the little green cottage up north, and we went straight to my brother's Canada Day party, where we ate barbecued burgers & sausages & watched the crazy fireworks my insane brother set off in their tiny backyard. Charlie was so keyed up he was almost a firework himself. Or as he would say, a "fiyawawk!" The fiyawawk in the pic above scared the living he^k out of all of us, and every time I thought about how scared we all were - because it was so alarmingly huge for the space we were in - I laughed like a ninny.

I'm punchy with joy at the moment. I'm on holiday for the next two week! That's 3 times 5 days. Or two weeks plus one day. We're headed back up north tomorrow morning. Blackflies, black water and bliss lie ahead.

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