Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jalna and The Eleventh

I just have to do a quick post here as I come back from lunch -- I love this blog by Mary Murtz, who writes about her life from the point of view of a mom, a writer, and as the eleventh child of a family of 12 children.
I just love today's entry on her parents' house. I love her blog "The Eleventh" a lot in general, but this post reminds me how much I enjoyed Mazo de la Roche's Jalna books because (as I just commented in the blog) the house in the books is as much a character as the people.
I started reading the Jalna books as a teenager - there are 16 of them, but believe me, you'll just zoom through them. Of course, like lots of great Canadian books by woman writers (Margaret Millar, anyone?), they may still be out of print. But they're in most libraries -- I found three shelves of de la Roche's books in the library in downtown Boston -- and easily found in used bookstores and online here and here and here and here.
Back to The Eleventh; Mary has vowed to post every single day this year, and I always look forward to her unique point of view.

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