Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in the saddle

Despite my best efforts and recent training, my brain is already partially at work, even though it's just Sunday night and "today is just (supposed to be) today".
So, I'll take a moment to enjoy this painting, which we were taking care of, but had to let go of. I was sad to see it (& it's companion piece) go, but it's okay. I can still enjoy it. Best of all, it got me thinking about art again, and that makes me happy. 
Briefly :o) 
Actually, I've had a really lovely weekend. Hardly did anything of note other than go to the library and do a bunch of laundry, but I had lots of fun, silly, amazing, and unstructured time with the boy. And for some reason despite the heat, he's been very snuggly. And what could be better?
Now, on to subject of the j*b. 
The sh*t's running quite rapidly down hill at work these days. They're putting the scr*ws to us big time. As we work our tails off, being watched like hawks, we've suddenly been informed that a) it's already June, b) we're just not producing, and c) we're off to a slow start. As a department, of course. Not to be taken personally. 
The column I write for the prez now MUST be published every two weeks. We've actually only published six in six months. Here's how it usually goes. The last column I wrote was May 13. I sent it off to my boss (who eventually sent it to her boss, who sent it to her boss, and so on and so on and so on) to be reviewed.  I got it back - totally rewritten - just last Wednesday, June 4. As an asap panic omigod rush; must be signed off by Mr. Prez TODAY! When I didn't heard back from him by Friday morning, I was reminded to contact his exec assistant to see if he was going to review it. Wow, there's a novel idea -- call his secretary! It's a pity I only have 20 years' experience to draw on because I never would have thought of that. Then, five minutes after I contacted the EA, I got the edited, approved column back. Then, I was quietly rebuked by my boss (who, I have figured, is 31 years old; I s*it you not) for having emailed the EA, rather than calling her.  
When I'm treated like I'm 8 years old, it's very tempting to behave like one. The only reason I emailed the EA instead of calling her is because I was told to call her. N-yah, n-yah!
In other news: Now this little news item is something I don't like to see. Nor this. In fact, we set out this evening on our bikes to go to $w!$$ Ch^l@t, even though the sky suddenly looked kinda dark. I thought, oh yeah, this'll be the storm we have a tornado. Long story short, it started raining shortly after we set out, so we turned around and hopped in the car. But all we've seen is some lightning over the lake, and a rainbow beside the new tall condo at Yonge & Eg.

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