Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two wheels mean bliss - redux

I made it all the way to work today on my bike -- yay!

It's a pretty good ride - not insanely long for a commute (about 50 minutes), mostly up fairly gentle hills, but the big thingie about this accomplishment - and why I feel like it's such an accomplishment - is that I crossed under the 401. For the first time ever on my bike. Twice! (On the way there, and one the way home.) It's loud, it's busy, and it's scary.

And it was turning out to be a bit of a psychological barrier. My anxiety about crossing the 401, and my fear that I'd either chicken out or get smushed trying to do it, were adding up to a big pile of stress, and even contributing to my feeling trapped at work. Riding my bike has long been a joy for me, and a stress reliever, and I was feeling like I would never be able to accomplish the ride to work, which would mean I'd be paying for subway tokens world without end amen. Because of a little thing like having to cross on-ramps to one of the busiest highways in the world, and then having to ride under the thing (and it's, like, really wide). But I did it!

And it was loud and busy and scary. Louder than I thought it'd be. But not as scary. I am ebullient!

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