Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday night

Since I'm all twisty and funked up these days; probably not surprising since it's Sunday night, so to cheer myself I'm posting one of my favourite cups. My mom gave it to me a year or two ago; it's cute, eh?
One lovely piece of news: I have a new niece, born two days ago, beautiful and adorable with bright eyes and a little pointed chin. She's just over eight pounds, but she's just so light and tiny, it's unbelievable. I'd post a pic of the baby herself, but I don't have my brother's permission, but if you imagine an adorable newborn baby girl, you'd get it about right.
I found out my benefits only cover up to $500 a year for my referral to a registered psychologist, who costs $200 a visit, and who says the usual anxiety subroutine typically mean 10-to-12 visits (she didn't really put it like that). Ugh. I haven't totally decided what I'm going to do. I mean, I know I'm "worth it" and all that, but it's a lot of money and it's not like we've got piles of spare cash lying around.
My top-of-mind work irritation at the moment is the fact the most recent president's message I've written has been shot down. The "goal" of posting one every two weeks is a colossal joke, considering how many opinions there are on what should be said, and the layers of approval each piece needs to get, and with this most recent example, I suspect the reason my boss's boss has shot it down because it ain't her idea; someone else (at her level in the hierarchy; in case that's important) thought of it. Intending to be "helpful", she sent me some very scrambled biz-speak notes on another idea. Not on how I could edit the one I wrote, but another idea. Interesting, since I think I could fix it. But I ain't the boss, and arguing, at least so far, doesn't work. Every time I try to initiate something, it gets shot down. Politely, and with great regret, mind you.
I'm back. I just put my son to bed (I got lots of wonderful, quality time with the boy this weekend, including lazing, our favourite weekend morning activity), and came back to find my husband had a wikipedia page open to "Homunculus". Which is funny because I looked it up myself not long ago, because I found it on the Comics Curmudgeon, one of my very favourite, cheer-me-up-at-work sites.
I'm trying to remember the other weird term the Curmudgeon used in a posting awhile ago. It's a term that describes why I find marionettes so creepy and nauseating. It has to do with a figure being a lot like a human, but just a little different. But it's the notdifferent-enoughness that makes them so creepy. Hmmm, I wish I could remember that term; it's got the word "other" in it.

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