Sunday, May 25, 2008

My bookpile runneth over

It didn't actually runneth over; more like it felleth over.

I was trying to grab a book (on suicide, not that I'm heading that way, but my old friend Moira Farr wrote it and I saw a recent magazine article by her, and thought I'd take another look at her book) that was wedged about half-way down - which I've been able to do time and again (i.e., grab a book) - but this time it started tumbling, and I had to yell for help from my husband and Charlie. Which they did (help, that is), preventing me from being buried.

Going through all the books that had tumbled onto the floor was so much fun. Who knew I had so many great books? I found a whole bunch of old Nora Ephrons. As a result, I'm reading - Heartburn. It later became a screenplay and a movie, but first it was a thinly disguised fictional version of what happened to her in real life. When she was roughly seven months pregnant with her second child, her husband told her he was in love with another woman.

At times it's very funny; other times it's dated; but I'm enjoying it. In the book, the heroine is a writer of cookbooks (I love cookbooks), and her husband (the one who betrays her in both the book and real life, and who was actually Carl Bernstein*), is a columnist (in the book; IRL, not). Which is what inspired me to write about it. Specifically, this passage:

"Sometimes, when he was really worried about what to write about next, he would sit at dinnertime, his eyes darting desperately around the room. Was there a column in the salt and pepper shakers? In the paper napkins? In the Cuisinart food processor?"

Perhaps in a falling pile of books?

I just found out, Nora 's also a blogger, but as far as I know, just on the Huffington Post.

*Carl Bernstein, a former Washington Post reporter, who's best known for his part in breaking the Watergate apartments break-in story that ultimately sunk Richard Nixon, has been portrayed onscreen by two biggies: Robert Redford - in a movie about the Watergate story - and Jack Nicholson - in the movie version of Heartburn. You'll see he looks like neither. ('Course, Nora doesn't look like Meryl either.)

I've had a great weekend so far. We saw our friends' new baby girl yesterday. And now my husband and son are now roasting hot dogs on the balcony using the camping stove. Time to eat! Ooh, marshmallows too!

In rather exciting other news: the Phoenix is landing on Mars tonight. In fact, in about a half an hour. Check it out.

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