Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happiness is... today

Today, I'm all about feeling blessed and happy. Some good friends of mine just had their first child, a beautiful baby girl. My sister-in-law and brother just had a beautiful baby girl too! I saw a whole bunch of good friends today, almost all of my family, and got a call from a great friend, and my favourite auntie. 
To top it all off, my son is now a big four-year-old boy. Holy smokes, did we ever have a great party - at a kid's gym. My husband did all the baking (two kinds of cookies, and delicious cake. I would take a pic of the cookies and post it, but I'm too exhausted), and I decided to have lunch catered (I am nothing short of a genius, I swear).

As this wonderful day dies down, I'm buoyed by the sound of children's laughter and the sound of my son's new whoopie cushion. In his words, "it makes the sound of a horrible toot!"  
Happy Mother's Day -- to everyone who is one, has one, knows one.

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