Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Corporate irresponsibility

I should have a picture of a gigantic teacup accompanying this post because something happened at work on Monday morning that put me in a really bad mood.
But I've found something better than a giant teacup. A dear friend sent this card; she knows how much I like pretty teacups. And teapots! I haven't thanked her for it yet (or the lovely gift she sent my son), but I will.

Now, the reason I need to post 20 pretty teapots (see pretty things, April 9). One of my colleagues, someone who I really liked - and respected - was "terminated", first thing Monday morning. Right after she came in to work. The reason? They're taking the job in a different direction. I read the new job description. Not really a different direction. The same direction, actually, only with what appears to be another job, or two, piled on top of it.
My terminated colleague had been with the company for close to a decade. She was doing a good job (i.e. no timbits had been given out), by all accounts. I'm so grossed out by this, and am struggling to be professional in dealing with the "terminator", with whom I have to work to some degree.
The lesson remains: don't give your life away to the corporation. Because there ain't no big pot of gold sitting there waiting to thank you for all those extra hours of toil. You do your job, work hard, go home at 5, collect your paycheque.
You don't have to be over 40 to learn that it's a cold, cold world within the walls of the corporation.
In other news: I saw the psychologist today - visit #3. I did my homework from last week, which I think has been helpful. Rather than asking myself, "what day is it?", and "what do I have to do today?" the moment I wake up - which typically gives me a huge jolt of panic before I even get out of bed (& lasts all morning), I'm to try to think something else, something way calmer, such as: "today is just today." It's kinda working. I feel a bit like the little dutch boy trying to keep all my typical panic-inducing thoughts from flowing, but I'm definitely waking up calmer, as long as I keep up my little mantra, and don't ask myself those questions. The dr's logic: you'll figure out what you need to do today soon enough. And work can wait until you actually get to your desk. Good advice, so far.

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