Friday, April 4, 2008

What's the story?

The same bike has been parked beside mine for the past three days. It's locked up with an expensive fancy lock, looks like an okay bike, and I think since the chain's all rusty it's been there for a long time.
Could its own possibly have forgotten he rode his bike, and so rarely rides doesn't notice it's not in the shed?
Or is she injured or sick or dead?
There's a story there, right outside the Davisville subway stop.

Another weird thing. My son has a book that's been translated from French, called That's Dangerous! Its grinning protagonist is a cartoon-like figure who does dangerous things like kicking bullies, putting plastic bags on his head, taking bones away from dogs, and playing with matches, and each drawing is opposite big cap letters saying, rather obviously, "THAT'S DANGEROUS". It's a very weird book, but he loves it, and sometimes argues that certain things are in fact not dangerous.
Ever since we got it though, I keep thinking in my head - usually in response to something at work (which is actually a bit better this week) - "THAT'S DUMB!" I see the letters, and the cartoon figure each time. I think it's helping me cope!

Re: funk. I think it's leaving. Never mind the fact that it's Friday night!!!

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