Monday, April 7, 2008

The funk came back

I truly thought it was over. It's spring, I'm riding my bike, the j*b's getting a little better, and I had a totally great weekend that made me feel like the funk had become an impossibility. Whatever.
So I'm at home today; started weeping on the way to work. On my bike, I passed the bus stop where I had to get off last month, and thought, uh-oh, I don't feel so good today, but come on, yay, I'm on my bike! Yeah! Nope. Didn't work.
Went to work, still weeping. On the subway I just kept hoping it'd stop as it sometimes does, and when I got in the office, I said I was going home because I didn't feel well. 
Bumped into my boss on the way out, and I told her. Had to tell her, actually. I wasn't feeling creative enough to make something up; I mean, tears were at this point spilling onto my jacket and bouncing off. So I said I'm getting blindsided by these big drops (ha ha as I write this I think I should've said blindsided by these big drops that keep falling out of my eyes!) in mood, possibly hormonal but I'd be calling my dr as soon as I get home. Which I did.
I hope there is some kind of answer that is fast and does not involve taking pharmaceuticals. Although at least they'll be paid for because of the j*b.
Actually found something useful -- this too -- on the whole subject of funk by googling. Not the usual hogwash.  

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