Thursday, April 3, 2008

Does misery really want company?

Turns out Grunchy is not happy with her job; it's not anything like she expected, and - get this - the way the heirarchy works is driving her crazy. Like, why doesn't the VP ever call Grunch with a question about one of her projects, instead of calling Grunch's boss?
Good question.
And aren't I glad we actually had that talk. It's nice not to feel so alone. And - wow - it's truly not all about me.
The boy: last night during bedtime stories he asked me a) how do you make a baby? b) how do babies get out of the mommy's tummy? and c) what sorts of things make you sad?
The sad question came up while reading a Maisy book. There's Maisy big, Maisy small, Maisy spots, Maisy stripes, etc., etc., and Maisy happy, Maisy sad. He always wants to discuss the sad page, and to get me to come up with examples of what makes me sad. I usually say dropping my chocolate chip cookie into a mud puddle, and sometimes going to work does because I'd rather stay home and play with him.
As for the answers to a) and b), my mind's a blur!

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