Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Facing employeehood

Sad policy. I was checking something on the company website today, HR stuff, and stumbled onto info about "paid bereavement leave". Since we had a death in the family not that long ago, and I had lunch with a good friend who very recently lost a good friend, this kind of thing is much on my mind.

Guess what you get if you lose a spouse, parent, child, or other dependent relative who lives with you? My first emotional guess, though knowing it's probably a pipe dream is, oh maybe four weeks, maybe at reduced pay; I mean, they top up mat. leave for awhile at least, to 80% pay. How bout this: three days. Three days paid leave. Then you're back at your desk, typing away. Maybe they give you a box of klennex, I don't know, though it would probably mention it in the policy statement.
The other part of it, as always. God, I miss my boy, and I miss spending time with him. I only get him now at the end of the day, when he's tired, and I know for a fact I'm missing so much of the fun stuff, and he's at such a cute, funny, amazing age, and I'm off elsewhere.

Yeah, I know I'm making a living, and all that, but the whole point is that is weird, and mothers should be able to do that and also be with their nice little kid, and not miss his endlessly amazing stages.

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