Sunday, March 2, 2008

The hierarchy

I'm stewing about my new fulltime job. It's going well; really well, in that so far I like my co-workers, and I'm thankful to be working on stuff that's not about RRSPs or foreign investing or mutual funds, and the pay is good, and all that, but the set-up of the fulltime employee in general really bugs me.

I don't like the hierarchy. The woman who works at reception was upset the other day because one of the higher-ups had sent her an email, saying "just do it," after she'd explained things to him like, this particular thing was not her job, he was not her boss, she could direct him to the person who was responsible for doing said thing, but then he says, "just do it." I felt a flame of rage on her behalf.

The big thing about freelancing that I think I'm going to miss the most is the ability to say NO to dumb requests. I imagine you can say no, in theory, in a fulltime employment situation, but the higher-ups have more power than you, and they can make it so you lose your job, or at least make you feel like you're about to lose it. I hate this.

It also irks me that my boss, her boss, her boss and her boss are all probably younger than me, or close in age. And also that my boss's boss's boss is already showing signs of making people miserable by abusing her power, requesting (demanding) that things be redone, just because she doesn't like the "angle", or something equally capricious.
In other news: my son's fever seems to have gone down, and my husband's flu also looks to be better today. Me, I'm tired, and I sure as hell don't feel like going to work tomorrow.

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