Sunday, March 30, 2008

The glorious weekends

There's only one way to be on a weekend when you get to spend good lazy time with the boy and my husband: happy. Though technically, my husband didn't get to be lazy because he was both sick and working. But he was here, we all were together here in our home, and I found this weekend, and last weekend too (in the pic), restful and healing.
I hate to admit it, but I love snow. Even old spring snow. I know everybody hates it, but I love it. It's bright. And I really love it. And I'm allowed to love it and say so too. Even in almost April. The clean stuff, mind you, not the stuff at the side of the road; more like the stuff on lawns and in parks.
I took a walk at lunch the day after the last big storm. It was sunny and unbelievably bright and beautiful. I love how my boots feel in deep, fresh snow. Makes me feel like home. Although... whatever you do, if you live in S. Ontario, don't look at Posie's March 28 posting. Avert your eyes.
Anyway, this glorious weekend, we lazed around, played games -- made up on the spot, of course -- we went to the coffee shop (twice!), we watched two episodes of PW both yesterday and today, and -- bought new living room furniture.
Re: that. It's fun to take the good part of the j*b, which is the being paid for it, and use it to replace our 20-year-old floor-model-in-the-first-place couch. We get it in only four weeks.
As for Earth Hour, we lit candles and turned out the lights, and used our emergency wind-up lantern, which kept turning off, freaking Charlie out; and I can't blame him for it because it's not nice to be left in the dark during story time again and again. As for the bulk of our neighbourhood, participation was rather pathetic, and with the curtains open, we really didn't need the candles and lantern; there was so much light coming from the school and the arena and the surrounding apartment buildings. Maybe it'll get bigger next year.
Charlie wanted to know why we were doing this, and I did not enjoy trying to explain the "why" to my sweet sensitive and slightly scared little boy.
But all in all, it was a great weekend, and I feel up to "it" (I don't want to type the word j*b though, and I don't have to) all again, even on a Sunday night. Some days it's just so easy to make Charlie laugh and life is fun and the fun is effortless. This was one of them. What we're having right now -- and I'm conscious of it -- is the good old days.

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