Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My first weird in

I'm in my 40s, soon to exit a key demographic. I'm married and I have a nice little kid. I recently left freelance for fulltime. I read and read and read blogs, but now I just want to get my own weird word in edgewise.

The treasures of an executorship: Our place is full of stuff from my husband's great aunt's place. We are the keepers of her memories. I have a variety of feelings about this stuff, but in one of my favourite "lots" of her things is a cookbook that tells you how to prepare antelope, bear and beaver!

Did you know the beaver had scent glands under its arms, much like a skunk does? Remove them, or your kitchen (or abattoir, or what have you) will stink, but not as bad as a skunk. Also, make certain to boil off all the fat -- the fat tastes bad. I figure when the going gets too rough down here in the city, me and mine will head up north and live off the land, and I'll have this trusty book in my pack.

I've entered the wild, wild world of fulltime employment. I'm in my fourth week of my new fulltime job -- I've worked freelance on and off over the past 18 years or so -- and the only way I can deal with it is to think of it as an extended freelance booking. Otherwise, I'll start screaming and never stop.

That's it. My first post. If I'm lucky the only one who reads it will be me.

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