Friday, February 29, 2008

The bomb shelter. I just popped it at one of my favourite blogs, Hello Josephine, where Marla reminded me of my old blue toilet. My beloved old apartment on Broadway Ave had that blue toilet, sink & tub, but instead of striped blue and white wall tiles, it had dark pink, with black trim, and the floor had those tiny square tiles in blue, white and black... *sigh* I loved it. It really looked cool. And in that so very tiled little room I felt protected from everything, including nuclear holocaust.

In other news: My husband heard a little girl at my son's pre-school (I'm going to call my son Charlie in this blog, for now) say, "I'm going to marry Charlie!" But then, she said, "But, he never talks to me." What more can be said, other than, get used to it little one.

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