Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Irridescence is... transplendent!

Ooh, la-la. These two hand-painted Meito China beauties are epic not just because of their pleasing periwinkle colour, but because of their irridescence.

Can you see that the inside of the cup is a glorious irridescent caramel colour? Here's a better look to capture more than just a hint of the glory.

Ooh, la-la-la? Didn't I tell you? Nice.

Anybody know why I think of Shelley Duval every time I use the word "transplendent"?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tea for two

Tea Time happened a little later than usual today, so the lad got to take part. He chose "the richest and most expensive-looking" cup – this truly lux Wedgewood demitasse, and I chose one of the sweeter-than-life-itself (favourited both by my mom and my friend Susan) pink (oh, how I love thee, pink) Aynsley (note the blossoms) (note the deep saucer).

The demitasse is typically used with coffee.

But everyone knows it's Tea Time.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mondrian pink?

This cup, which I got in Victoria, is one of my very favourites. I love everything about it: the silver lines, handle, edge and foot, and the colour of pink makes me incredibly happy and I swear makes the tea (Earl Gray today) taste better.

The mark is Paladin, and it also says E. Hughes & Co., and Fenton.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Tisane of Jasmine in a golden cup

Jasmine tea in a golden cup is exactly what I think a Halloween witch would have on a perfectly gloomy, creepy, sinister day like today.

I think there's a bunch of people who will recognize this Royal Winton cup and saucer, which was coveted by me at many, many family dinners and gatherings over the years.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The most beautiful pale periwinkle blue

I found this teacup at the annual antiques show at the Bracebridge Memorial Arena several years ago. It's Shelley, and the shape is Dainty.

I was pretty excited when I found it. So excited I bought it right away, paying SEVENTY DOLLARS, fearing I'd never see another one like it.

Five minutes later, I found another one just like it.

It was at another vendor, at the same show in the same arena. So I bought it too. Cheaper though. I couldn't leave either one behind; that would be cruel. This is the type of crazed thinking that collectors exhibit.

But, jeez, aren't they pretty? The tea tastes great out of it (only drinking out of one) too. PC orange pekoe today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

B. Henstridge was talented

I found this teacup at a contents sale down the hall. This beautiful eye-popper caught my attention right away (isn't it gorgeous?).

I haven't the foggiest who the maker is because I can't read it. Clearly from Bavaria, and the painter was a B. Henstridge in 1929. If you can read it, do let me know.

Here's what's funny. It was only last night that I realized that my Photobooth app takes pictures backwards, like in a mirror. Not fully certain why I never noticed before. I clearly know what the piano behind me looks like in real life.

Why last night: I was taking a photo of meself, all ready for the Choir Halloween event, as Annie Lennox in her HIV/AIDS fundraising album gear, in which she wears a t-shirt with the word SING on it. Behold, GNIS.

I think I looked pretty good (despite GNIS) with a crap-ton of makeup on. To be more Annie-Lennox-ish, I tried to make my eyes look farther apart. And I lightened my hair with kids' Halloween cream makeup, applied with a little brush.

The primary reason I felt that I actually looked pretty good was that I got served at the bar right away. Never happened before at that bar. Being a middle-aged woman, clearly outside the target demographic, I typically have to wait and wait just to be noticed by the attractive young servers. Last night, with the bar being extra crowded, BOOM, got served pronto. A young beauty made eye contact with me right away and took extra care with my draught. The lesson? I may try wearing a crap-ton of makeup again sometime. Especially when I'm thirsty.

Here's Annie, my style icon, with her letters facing the right way (image from Earthtones.org).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Regency, I like your shape

This teacup is, again, Shelley, and again one of my favourites. It's shape is Regent; I wish I knew the name of the design - anybody? The cup and saucer are two parts of a trio, and and the Regent shape has a lot of simple Art Deco designs like this one. Some more great examples: here, here, and here.

Obviously, I didn't actually start the Etsy shop I said I was going to in February. Shortly after I posted, two things happened that greatly reduced my time for such projects: 1) my husband broke his ankle. Badly. And 2) I got a ton of great freelance work (doing stuff for very nice clients), which ended up getting extended again and again, lasting until the end of August. Plus, I started to think as I gathered things together to sell, that with my pack-rat tendencies (still wouldn't call myself anything like a *cough* hoarder, right? *cough*), it was just a bad idea.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beauty is a Shelley teacup

Okay, who loves having tea with beautiful vintage china teacups as much as I do?

This is made by Shelley, the shape is Queen Anne, and the pattern is Charm!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The catch and release program, enhanced

Is it actually possible that I could give up and sell one of my Dainty Blue Shelley teacups (this one is exceptional because it's footed, and that is very unusual for the Dainty shape)? We shall see.

"Catch and release" means that with great joy and enthusiasm, I have a tendency scoop up a treasure – like a teacup*, for example – from the Sally Ann, or Goodwill, or a garage sale, or an antique show, hang onto it for awhile (like a month or twenty years), and then gently release it back into the Great Material Continuum** (or hang onto it forever). Now, via my upcoming Esty shop.

I'm thinking of opening a little Etsy shop. I've got a lot of beautiful stuff that I don't have room for, and it seems that beautiful stuff is always going to make its way into my home. It's always easier for me to let go of "stuff" if it's going right into someone else's hands.

I spent the afternoon going through cupboards and little wee boxes of treasures. Once I get it rolling, I'll post a link here.

*Note that I didn't pick up this epic Shelley teacup at Goodwill or a garage sale; I found it
at the annual Antiques Show at the Bracebridge Arena a few years ago, the source of many treasures.

**The Great Material Continuum explained

Okay, I can't help myself; here's a sampling (silver is pre-Twinkle).